Hammer fitting to Seppi M, with 3 carbide tips and 2 layers of CGP, Nick Style positive right

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Hammer with two carbide tips and two layers of CGP, Nick Style positive, fitting to Plaisance

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Hammer fitting to Seppi M Maxi Forst and Starforst forestry mulchers, or Starsoil, Supersoil and Maxisoil stone crushers. These hammers are installed on holders, wich are fixed to the rotor. The pocket is a little different from the original, elaborated by Nick, that is why we call it Nick Style. The pocket is executed positive. This causes the carbide inserts to tilt a little in positive direction, making the hammer a little more aggressive. This increases the risk of breaking of the hammer a little. Therefore it is more suited for mulching in softer, sandy ground and processing wood. There are two layers of CGP welded on the hammer, just behind the carbide tips and on the right side of the hammer, to prevent the hammer from wearing.

Additional Information
SKU SEP-D3-CGP2-R-01615
Aantal CGP 2
Aantal hardmetaal punten 3
Type product Private label ATWT
Gewicht (KG) 1.6150
Part Tip/Hammer
Toepassing Bosfrezen/maaien