Hammer fitting to F-A-E, 300U, SSM en SSH, with 1 carbide tip and 1 layer of CGP, Tough

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Hammer with one carbide tip and a layer of CGP weld on, to prevent wear. Has two bolt to install the hammer. Fitting to F-A-E shredders. Tough quality.

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Hammer fitting to F-A-E, 300U forest mowers and the SSM and SSH series stone crushers. Installed on the holder with two bolts. With one carbide tip and a layer of CGP to protect against wear. Tough quality.

Additional Information
SKU FA-S1-CGP1-02360
Aantal CGP 1
Aantal hardmetaal punten 1
Type product Private label ATWT
Gewicht (KG) 2.3600
Part Tip/Hammer
Toepassing Bosfrezen/maaien